Telephone consultations of a psychologist for LASS members or their relatives

In the life of a global pandemic and quarantine, not one of us faces not only economic or financial challenges, but also psychological problems due to limited communication with friends and relatives, often giving up our favorite way of spending free time and spending most of our time at home. These factors have a strong[…]

Regarding the organization of the LASS XXXII Reporting Congress

Pursuant to the decision No.1-2 “On the XXXII Reporting Congress of the Lithuanian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired” adopted at the first meeting of the LASS Council this year, which took place remotely (via the ZOOM platform) on February 3, 2021. On 10-26 February, a survey of delegates to the LASS XXXII Reporting[…]

We invite you to express your opinion and share your experience about providing taxi services to visually impaired people

Not many people have had to use shuttle or taxi services, so almost everyone, especially those living in big cities, is blind or visually impaired. The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania is organizing a meeting on the provision of taxi services to people with disabilities. You need your opinion and experience on the following[…]

A meeting of the LASS Council took place

2021 March 10 the second meeting of the LASS Council this year took place by remote sensing. It was attended by 12 (out of 14) LASS council members. Information on the meeting and the results of the voting of the members of the LASS Council present at it was submitted to the LASS Audit Commission.[…]