Telephone consultations of a psychologist for LASS members or their relatives

In the life of a global pandemic and quarantine, not one of us faces not only economic or financial challenges, but also psychological problems due to limited communication with friends and relatives, often giving up our favorite way of spending free time and spending most of our time at home. These factors have a strong impact on a person’s physical and psychological health – we are more often upset, sad, lonely, and the number of cases of aggression and domestic violence is increasing. In response to this critical situation, the state pays great attention to the prevention of domestic violence, which mainly affects women, the reduction of poverty and the psychological health of people. To solve the latter problem, various telephone lines have been set up to help overcome the difficulties and experiences (“Silver Line”, Men’s Helpline “No Left Alone”, “Women’s Helpline”, “Youth Line”, etc.). The Lithuanian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired wants to help its community to face the difficult challenges of this period. telephone counseling of a psychologist is started. Do not be alone if you are experiencing stress, anxiety, loss, psychological crisis, domestic violence – call. Tel. No. 8,608,34589